Mountain Rtanj

Mountain Rtanj has pyramidal geometry, the golden ratio mathematics, stunning nature, enhanced electromagnetism, subtle frequencies, wild growing medicinal and endemic herbs, healthy ionizing radiation as well as a special climate in conjunction with the mystical cultural legacy on the ground and frequent luminescence phenomena in the sky, which give Rtanj otherworldly dimensional in space and time  worthy of everyday exploration and utmost respect.

Mountain Rtanj has always been of particular interest to naturalists so it has been visited and explored by Josif Pančić, Jovan Cvijić, Matvejev ... More recently the conducted botanical research has shown that there are about 200 species of medicinal herbs growing wild on its slopes.

That is how this unusual mountain in the heart of Serbia became our home! Rtanj Mountain has always been a special place and there is a belief that a significant number of plant species grow only on the slopes of this giant. Known as the Serbian pyramid this unique mountain revealed its hidden essence and inexhaustible secrets when it gave birth to our favorite medicinal herb which we grow traditionally on the mystical and energetic mountain where we also harvest this aromatic herb.

To us, it seems like a fantastic energetic ordering that we wish to share with you!