Why Immortelle

Organic immortelle – basic ingredient of modern cosmetics

The use of immortelle in skin products is something that is completely new in modern cosmetics. Many modern studies have shown that there is currently nothing else in the world that helps the skin of your face as much as immortelle does.

However,it is necessary to select only organically produced immortelle growing on limestone and encouraged exclusively by medicinal waters and a favorable climate.

Unique origin

You certainly did not know that Serbia is one of the largest exporters of medicinal herbs in the world. We are among the first when it comes to the cultivation of immortelle but in the case of immortelle essential oils Serbia has no equal. Although immortelle is a trademark of Dalmatia and Corsica, Serbia still takes the lead in the cultivation and processing of immortelle.

Growing Organic Herbs - Natural

The ever-warmer winds blowing from the south and extensive exploitation of immortelle in Dalmatia and Corsica have contributed to the fact that there had been less and less immortelle in the world before we recognized the ideal landscape of Eastern Serbia for the cultivation of organic immortelle.

High concentration of limestone in the soil, clean medicinal waters, wind roses and Mountain  Rtanj  have all contributed to the cultivation of immortellein this region so that we could enjoy all the benefits that it preserves in its flowers.

These days Serbian immortelle is found almost in every domestic or foreign cosmetic product. Due to the high levels of neryl acetate in its composition, the price of Serbian immortelle in the market of medicinal herbs is equal to the price of raw gold. Therefore, an increasing number of people turn to organic farming of immortelle.


Increasing healing powers of cosmetic products – Immortelle as a solution for both health and beauty

These use of immortelle in natural cosmetics coincides with the revolution in the cosmetics industry. Namely, when people turned to natural cosmetics and slowly began to abandon the market of artificial and hybrid ingredients, a huge demand for medicinal herbs was created especially for those that are really beneficial in skin care. At that very moment, immortelle appeared with all its beneficial effects.

The most dominant ingredient that separates immortelle from all other medicinal herbs is neryl acetate. Neryl acetate itself and its components form the basis of immortelle essential oils which is mostly used in perfumes and cosmetics,although it is best known for its anti-aging effects.

Immortelle with its high levels of neryl acetate is
a solution for the regeneration of skin cells and therefore it has the power to wipe the traces of time on your skin. First of all, it accelerates natural collagen that is found in skin cells, thus reducing wrinkles with anexceptionally high percentage of success. Therefore, it is beneficial for skin injuries as well.

Immortelle also regulates and improves blood circulation, especially in the dermis, thus feeding the surface of the skin. Therefore, the skin gradually acquires elasticity, good quality and purity.

Although immortelle by nature has a distinctive and strong smell, it is still used in aroma therapy. Its smell heightens a sense of mental peace and empowers emotional security. In this respect, it is also very beneficial as a stress reliever.

Rtanj immortelle – an abundance of health and beauty

Writing about immortelle inevitably comesdown to endless repetition of all the benefits that it provides. The medicinal character of this flower of rocks and limestone is getting more and morewidespread all around us. However, one should know how to choose the bestpossible product for our body.

In order for immortelle to have an extremely high
level of neryl acetate it has to be specially cultivated, maintained and stored. Rtanj area with an altitude of about 500 meters, limestone filled soil, a large number of healthy, medicinal waters, but also a special process of cultivating and maintaining immortelle create the basis for the best quality product.

Organic production, special fertilization system,adequate crop density, method of harvesting as well as choosing the right
time for the harvest also affect the concentration of neryl acetate in the flower of immortelle. Therefore, we put a lot of effort in the entire process of immortelle cultivation.

In addition, perhaps an even more important process
of cultivation for us is the treatment of immortelle for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. In order to maintain and preserve high levels of neryl acetate in our organic immortelle we pay special attention to its processing and packaging.

What separates us from the others is that we devote
utmost attention to macerated oils, hydrolates and essential oils of immortelle. With modern methods and modern technologies we extract from immortelle flowers and keep what is most important for your skin.

Today, we can give a full guarantee on our immortelle products and proudly stand behind them. At any given moment, we can tell you
how our immortelle was treated, who and how gathered the harvest and processed it,and, above all, who brought it into an ideal balance of all values so that it becomes the best balm for your skin.