Our values

Our Values

The trademark of Royal Balm cosmetics is represented by two things sacred to us: nature and our values. This is precisely what distinguishes us from others, above everything else.

When nature is concerned, there is not much that can be said since nature must be felt. Therefore, our first value is to bring nature to your face and enable it to feel a pure touch of medicinal herbs, the purest honey and mineral water.

Our values are closely related to nature and largely stem from nature itself. One such value, that may be the most important to us, is the use of organically grown herbs created by nature for cosmetic purposes.

Therefore, we bravely engage ourselves in a frenzied battle in order to achieve the most natural conditions possible for the growth of medicinal herbs.

In that sense, it is important to mention that we are also working on preserving and further spreading of medicinal herbs by fighting against chronic endangerment of plant species due to human negligence.

We care about the protected species and we are making efforts to speed up their recovery. Another value is our particular insistence on the plant species of Balkan origin.

We are convinced that the human body should be closely in touch with those plant species that are part of its ecosystem. Plant species of exotic regions should be avoided because they are not similar to the nature of our skin.

Our skin is in desperate need of the plant species which we are surrounded by as we grow up, mature and live so that the essential ingredients of our products are some miraculous herbs such as immortelle, milfoil, comfrey, sage and other medicinal herbs characteristic of the Balkan mountains and climate.

Therefore, our values oppose the use of any Tea Three oils originating from the remote regions of Australia or, for that matter, the use of Shea butter from Africa.

For this purpose we use the oil of common sea buckthorn, flax oil and magnolia essential oil of Serbian origin from the miraculous Mountain Rtanj.

Therefore, we insist that the plants are of domestic origin so that at any given time we can guarantee for, not only their origin, but also for the processing, organic farming, storing, harvesting and the preparation method for their treatment.

What is important to us is that you are aware that we have taken care of and grown each individual plant by satisfying its needs so that we could extract from it as much medicinal properties as possible while at the same time we try to preserve the plant for future harvesting and further spreading.

We are also proud of one of our greatest values - to employ and educate the local population in the case of collecting and processing medicinal herbs for the purposes of cosmetics production.

Unlike Shea butter collected in Africa and harvested by children who are too young for such a job, we take care of who we employ when it comes to creating our products because the worker's love invested in the creation of such a product is half the quality of our product.

Therefore, we can guarantee that only the best fruits and herbs are part of our products. The whole process is accompanied by the most modern methods in treating herbs.

The purpose we want to achieve is to preserve the plant and at the same time be able to collect as much natural resources as possible from it in order to create the best possible product for you.

The presence and qualifications of Katarina Milosavljevic, our phytotherapist from the Alfiega Institute, is of crucial importance considering her basic values of holism, self-evolution and salutogenesis which promote our work and bring us closer to the product that really helps your skin.

What Katarina considers important in creating ideal proportions within our products is definitely their ability to benefit the whole human being, i.e. through body and health, to the fulfillment of the human spirit, the proliferation of health through the overall approach to one's body and the development of man in relation to himself.

It is these exact values that Katarina incorporates in our products by filling them with the most natural elements of the human ecosystem and by using modern methods of cultivation and treatment while preserving and developing the natural environment.

Our users and their satisfaction is exactly what we want most which is also the greatest indicator that, over the years, we have been acting according to true values.

Our goal is your peace and sense of fulfillment and your pure and healthy skin is the way to reaching this satisfaction. Our values combined with nature are in the service of your smile and joy.

So, indulge yourself in the magic brought to you by the Royal Balm products and enjoy the magic of beauty and health.