Who we are

Guided by the fact that we live in a world separated from nature and that the food and products we use contain harmful chemical additives we decided to return to nature and tradition of making hand-made products for face and body care.

We and lovely Helichrysum field

Thus, the whole production process and the final products that we offer are prepared from the finest content of the fresh, hand-harvested plants.

Our plant kingdom is cultivated with utmost care and love. Each cycle of the development is marked with shared passion, joy and love.

Young and pure Helichrysum - Smilje

We are fortunate that we are able to harvest the best of the nature and share this immense ‘gift’, wishing that you experience and discover the long forgotten power of medicinal, aromatic herbs. The power of the kingdom in one package!

Nature is a teacher whose words need to be understood. Being a part of nature, being able to observe and speak to it is what true happiness is about. We decided to let nature lead us to the best possible outcome.

Family Royal Balm

We now know that miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature but contrary to what we used to consider as nature.

The natural grace of mountain Rtanj