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Our facial creams are simple, without complicated words in the content, just as nature has given them.

Oily and combination skin have some common characteristics which is why people often mix them up.

In both skin types the chin, nose and forehead area (the so-called T zone) is extremely oily with visible, large pores. The cheeks, on the other hand, can be normal or even dry.

Our natural cream for combination skin is therefore suitable for both skin types, as its natural ingredients reduce sebum secretion hydrating the skin at the same time.

Natural cream for combination skin contains marigold oil which provides the skin with the necessary moisture, and thanks to its regenerative effect, it is also excellent for acne-prone skin.

Sea buckthorn oil protects the skin from external factors, while acting bactericidal and anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to the very rich concentration of vitamins C and E, sea buckthorn oil deeply revitalizes the skin.

This cream also contains miraculous comfrey, which plays a role of an invisible membrane that facilitates the penetration of all the beneficial ingredients into the skin without enlarging the pores.

Comfrey is also known for its regenerative effect, and is excellent for combination skin.

Apply a small amount across your face, neck and décolleté every morning and night.

1 - Smooth the cream over the middle of the face. Avoid contact with eyes.
2 - Then apply to the neck, working upwards and alternating between the left and right hands.
3 - Using the pads of the fingers, perform small energetic pinching movements along the outline of the face, working up from the chin to the ears to promote skin micro-circulation.
4 - Promote drainage and smooth: perform smoothing strokes with the flat of the hand for a soothing effect and to release toxins.Neck: use downward strokes.Then along the middle of the face. Avoid contact with eyes.Then on the forehead, working outwards from the centre.
5 - Closing ritual: Cup the hands over the ears, to appreciate the benefits of the product in silence. Press lightly then relax.

    Our natural skin care products do not contain harmful chemical compounds, such as vaseline, paraffin and mineral oils, which are absolutely incompatible with skin’s lipids.
      Our creams are simple, with no suspicious ingredients such as cocamide diethanoalamine (commonly called “cocamide DEA” or just “DEA”), just as nature has given them.
      Almond oil
      Immortelle floral water
      Rosehip oil
      Sea buckthorn oil*
      Vitamin E

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